About Bud & Bloom Botanicals


Bud & Bloom Botanicals started as a small apothecary, operated out of my little apartment in Glacier, Washington. As I started to learn and work with the native plants in our area, I began my journey into herbalism. As my knowledge grew, I found that I had a growing product collection which continues to bud and bloom.

As I continue to grow and find my niche, I have found a great passion in women's health and beekeeping. The number of beehives for my apiculture production keeps growing. I’m working as a doula apprentice gaining experience towards my certification, and continue to learn about herbs in relation to women's health. Finally, here we are ~ a small business focused on women's health, beekeeping, and supporting local growers. 

As the summer progresses and my bees begin to forage again, we will offer Pacific Northwest honey, and infused honey straws. Kragnes Family Farms, a local Glacier farm, provides B&B with organic herbs which I process into hydrosols with my copper still. I am available to offer support for women's health services as a birth and postpartum doula ~ with recommendations for herbal remedies.

Thank you for supporting this journey of education, growing, and connecting with local agriculture and budding buzzness in the community!